Kazuki Labs

Here is a brief introduction to the team behind The FlipSide NFTs - Kazuki Labs is the parent company that started it all, to learn more visit @KazukiLabz on Twitter.
The FlipSide Metaverse By Kazuki Labs Inc.

What is Kazuki Labs™?

Boundary Labs est. 2020 - Now renamed to Kazuki Labs inc. is a blockchain technology company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in August of 2021 by Sahib aka Big TURT & Samuel aka Slo N' Steady (@KazukiLabz). Kazuki Labs is a consulting based B2B company that aims to help traditional companies (Web2) transition into the future meta (Web3). Kazuki Labs specializes in creating digital experiences for the web3/metaverse. Kazuki Labs specializes in the field of NFTs, cryptocurrency, and metaverse integration. Kazuki Labs found great success in designing metaverse assets for its' clients. For the past 10 months they specialized in providing consultation and design services for several existing NFT projects. In November 2021, Kazuki Labs was notably commissioned by a famous Blue Chip ETH project (name redacted at request of client) to help them transition their 2D collection into a 3D collection - with metaverse compatible voxel files - ready for Sandbox use! In December of 2021, Boundary Labs raised 50,000 USD from various angel investors in its pre-seed investment round to begin the development of Modular Metaverse Technology (MMT). MMT is a custom SAAS solution to a common problem faced during set creation (videogames, metaverses, and even movies). MMT allowed Kazuki Labs to handle the graphic design needs of a variety of web3 clients at a reasonable cost to scale. In April of 2022, Kazuki Labs started to develop The FlipSide Metaverse. In addition, they bought a 4x4 plot in The Sandbox Game to create The KazukiVerse Theme Park. This August, Kazuki Labs plans to raise an additional $850,000 in seed funding from Venture Capitalists (VC's) & Private Family Funds. This funding will be key to establish The FlipSide Metaverse as a leading web3 brand and further expand The KazukiVerse Theme Park! The long-term goal of Kazuki Labs is to perfect MMT & license this technology to other companies.

How Do NFT Holders Benefit From Kazuki Labs?

1) Visit our metaverses both on $SOL & $ETH! Kazuki Labs is the creator of the The FlipSide Metaverse, it is our #1 priority to develop and improve the utility behind our metaverse.
2) 100% of the Transfer Tax Revenue From Secondary Sales Goes Back To The Holders! Holders of the FlipSide Metaverse NFTs can vote on and receive direct incentives from Kazuki Labs DAO & its partners. Profit sharing mechanics will give holders bonus rewards proportional to the amount of NFTs they own. Ultimately the DAO will decide what portion of these funds are re-distributed as dividends in the $KAZUKI staking pools. 3) Partnership deals struck between Kazuki Labs and its B2B clients award NFT holders with Cryptocurrency Airdrops and Exclusive WL-Spots to Hyped Upcoming Projects.
4) Join one of our focus groups & Benefit From Front Row Seats To Breaking Edge Crypto, NFTs & DeFi Technology. As an NFT holder you will be able to beta test some of the coolest metaverse experiences and games we design for our clients (some clients might reward beta-testers you with a bonus/tip).

What The FlipSide Means To Us?

"The FlipSide is the most fun part of work- " ,The main reason we decided to create our own metaverse is so we can have a playground to try anything we want! At Boundary Labs (Now renamed Kazuki Labs) we only did what the client wanted and this was super boring. Being forced to a set of customer guidelines often capped our creative freedoms so
"-Working on The FlipSide Metaverse and The KazukiVerse is a breathe of fresh air!" - Slo' N Steady#3902 (Dev)
At Kazuki Labs, we create top of the line digital products for our clients. In The KazukiVerse Them Park, we love to experiment and let our imaginations run free. In The FlipSide Metaverse, we break new boundaries and work toward creating the most immersive metaverse experience to hit the Solana Blockchain! The KazukiVerse keeps our creative juices flowing and allows us to showcase all the skills our team has honed over this past year.

Who is Behind The FlipSide Metaverse?

The FlipSide is a Solana based metaverse project created by Kazuki Labs Inc. Kazuki Labs is a California based venture with a team of 23 people from diverse backgrounds including:
  • United States (5)
  • Singapore (4)
  • Germany (2)
  • China (4)
  • Poland (1)
  • India (2)
  • South Africa (1)
  • Korea (1)
  • Japan (2)
  • Kenya (1)
This international group of NFT and Cryptocurrency enthusiasts were recruited both for their talent in the Web3 Space and their passion towards community building.

What Does "Kazuki" in Kazuki Labs Mean?

Kazuki in Japanese Means " Peaceful Tree "- But this is not the motive behind the name.
Our assistant dev Suzuki Jitsukawa had the screen name KazukiEatz on Discord. In the summer of 2021 we were planning to launch under the name Boundary Labs but Suzuki suddenly passed away due to COVID19. This put the entire team in shock and we decided to change our name to " Kazuki Labs " to honor Suzuki's life and other victims of the COVID19 pandemic.

Can I Apply For a Job at Kazuki Labs?

Yes. Ofcourse! We are always hiring friendly faces from our community to be a part of the Kazuki Labs team. If you are interested in seeking employment and believe you have what it takes consider filling out our job application: https://forms.gle/yckoUS3MUdoF2hYG8
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